§16-2J-8. Guidelines for evaluation of the pilot program; report to Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability.
(a) The Health Care Authority shall establish by guidelines criteria to evaluate the pilot program and may require participating providers to submit such data and other information related to the pilot program as may be required by the Health Care Authority: Provided, That all personal income tax returns filed pursuant to this article shall be treated as confidential pursuant to the provisions of section five-d, article ten, chapter eleven of this code. For purposes of this article, this information shall be exempt from disclosure under the freedom of information act in article one, chapter twenty-nine-b of this code.

(b) No later than the first day of December, two thousand seven and annually thereafter during the operation of the pilot program, the Health Care Authority must submit a report to the Legislative Oversight Commission of Health and Human Resources Accountability as established in article twenty-nine-e of this chapter on progress made by the pilot project including suggested legislation, necessary changes to the pilot program and suggested expansion of the pilot program.