§16-2F-6. Reporting requirements for physicians.
Any physician performing an abortion upon an unemancipated minor shall provide the department of health a written report of the procedure within thirty days after having performed the abortion. The department of health shall provide reporting forms for this purpose to all physicians and public health facilities required to be licensed pursuant to article five-b of this chapter. The following information, in addition to any other information which may be required by the department of health, regarding the minor receiving the abortion shall be included in such reporting form:

(1) Age;

(2) Educational level;

(3) Previous pregnancies;

(4) Previous live births;

(5) Previous abortions;

(6) Complications, if any, of the abortion being reported;

(7) Reason for waiver of notification of the minor's parent or guardian, if such notice was waived; and

(8) The city and county in which the abortion was performed.

Any such report shall not contain the name, address or other information by which the minor receiving the abortion may be identified.