§16-2D-1. Legislative findings.
It is declared to be the public policy of this state:

(1) That the offering or development of all new institutional health services shall be accomplished in a manner which is orderly, economical and consistent with the effective development of necessary and adequate means of providing for the institutional health services of the people of this state and to avoid unnecessary duplication of institutional health services, and to contain or reduce increases in the cost of delivering institutional health services.

(2) That the general welfare and protection of the lives, health and property of the people of this state require that the type, level and quality of care, the feasibility of providing such care and other criteria as provided for in this article, including certificate of need standards and criteria developed by the state agency pursuant to provisions of this article, pertaining to new institutional health services within this state, be subject to review and evaluation before any new institutional health services are offered or developed in order that appropriate and needed institutional health services are made available for persons in the area to be served.