§16-2C-2. Department to provide services; charges for services; authority to employ personnel; purchase of supplies and equipment; assistance to nonprofit agencies.
The department shall provide home health services to those persons living in areas of the state in which adequate home health services are not available otherwise. For such services the department shall, and is hereby authorized to, charge fees to individuals to whom it renders such services or to any governmental agency purchasing such services for individuals, except for demonstration and public health program activities.

In order that it may effectively render home health services, the department shall employ the necessary personnel including nursing and supervisory personnel and shall have the further authority to purchase equipment and materials necessary to maintain an effective program of home health services.

The department shall, wherever possible, assist and advise nonprofit agencies or associations in the development of a home health services program to be carried out by such agencies or associations and, for that purpose, may enter into agreements with these agencies or associations specifying the type of assistance and advice it will render them.