§15-12-2b. Creation of sex offender registration advisory board.
(a) There is hereby created within the department of military affairs and public safety a sex offender registration advisory board consisting of a minimum of five members appointed by the secretary of the department of military affairs and public safety. At least two of the members shall be experts in the field of the behavior and treatment of sexual offenders, and each shall be a physician, psychologist or social worker in the employ of this state appointed by the secretary in consultation with the director of the division of health. The remaining members shall be victims rights advocates and representatives of law-enforcement agencies. Members of the board shall be reimbursed their reasonable expenses pursuant to the rules promulgated by the department of administration for the reimbursement of expenses of state officials and employees and shall receive no other compensation for their services. The board shall utilize the staff of the division or office within the department of military affairs and public safety designated by the secretary thereof in carrying out its duties and responsibilities as set forth in this article.

(b) The board shall assist the circuit courts of this state in determining whether persons convicted of sexually violent offenses are sexually violent predators.