§15-5-24. Disaster recovery trust fund; use of funds of authority.

(a) There is hereby created a special trust fund which shall be designated and known as the "West Virginia Disaster Recovery Trust Fund" to be administered by the West Virginia disaster recovery board. The recovery fund shall consist of (i) any appropriations, grants, gifts, contributions or revenues received by the recovery fund from any source, public or private, and (ii) all income earned on moneys, properties and assets held in the recovery fund. When any funds are received by the board from any source, they shall be paid into the recovery fund, and shall be disbursed and otherwise managed in the manner set forth in this article. The recovery fund shall be treated by the auditor and treasurer as a special revenue fund and not as part of the general revenues of the state.

(b) All moneys, properties and assets acquired by the West Virginia disaster recovery board shall be held by it in trust for the purposes of carrying out its powers and duties, and shall be used and re-used in accordance with the purposes and provisions of this article. Such moneys, properties and assets shall at no time be commingled with other public funds. Disbursements from the recovery fund shall be made only upon the written requisition of the chairman accompanied by a certified resolution of the board. If no need exists for immediate use or disbursement, moneys, properties and assets in the recovery fund shall be invested or reinvested by the board as provided in this article.