§15-3A-7. Providing for the use of video image recording devices for search purposes during an Amber Alert or Silver Alert Activation.
(a) The State Police and the Division of Highways shall coordinate a process to utilize all available video recording and monitoring devices for the purpose of monitoring Amber Alert or Silver Alert suspect vehicles. This program shall be called the "Guardian Angel Video Monitoring" Program.

(b) The Secretary of Military Affairs and Public Safety shall also develop a plan to provide for the State Police to monitor and utilize video recording and monitoring devices during an Amber Alert or Silver Alert. This "Guardian Angel Video Monitoring" implementation plan shall include at a minimum, the following:

(1) Utilization of any state or local video recording and monitoring devices upon agreement with the department, agency or political subdivision in control of the video recording device; and,

(2) Development of policies and initiatives relating to facilitating sharing of information with neighboring states wherein suspect vehicles in Amber Alerts or Silver Alerts may be crossing state lines.

(c) The secretary shall submit the plan to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance no later than December 1, 2008. The plan shall include an analysis of all related costs for equipping and using a statewide video recording and monitoring system during the duration of an Amber Alert and recommendations for any additional legislation or actions necessary to further facilitate the implementation of the "Guardian Angel Video Monitoring" program.