§15-2C-9. Responsibilities of a Qualified Entity.
(a) Any business, agency or organization that provides care, treatment, education, training, instruction, supervision or recreation for children, the elderly or individuals with disabilities and is a public, private or not-for-profit entity within the State of West Virginia and is a qualified entity as defined in section one of this article may utilize the Central Abuse Registry for part of its screening process for its current and/or prospective employees. Prospective employees and volunteers, for the purposes of this section, include contractors and vendors who have or may have unsupervised access to children or disabled or elderly persons for whom the qualified entity provides care.

(b) In order to verify eligibility as a qualified entity, the business, agency or organization shall apply to the West Virginia State Police on a form prescribed by the Superintendent.

(c) Once verified as a qualified entity by the West Virginia State Police, the entity shall keep all records necessary to facilitate a security audit by the West Virginia State Police and shall cooperate in such audits as the West Virginia State Police or other authorities may deem necessary. Such records include, but are not limited to, criminal history records; notification that an individual has no criminal history; internal policies and procedures articulating the provisions for physical security; records of all disseminations of criminal history information; and a current, executed qualified entity user agreement with the West Virginia State Police.