§15-2C-7. Registration of home care agencies required; form of

registration; information to be provided.
(a) In order to permit providers of home care services not otherwise required to be licensed, certified or registered with the department of health and human resources by other provision of this code to access information in the central abuse registry, all home care service providers not currently licensed, certified or registered by the department shall register with the office of health facilities licensure and certification. No fee may be charged for registration. Registration information shall be provided on a registration form, but no provision of information shall be deemed to meet the registration requirement until the signature of the service provider is recorded on the registration form.

(b) Information required for registration shall include the following:

(1) Name, address and telephone number of the service provider;

(2) The geographic area where services are provided to consumers, the number of homes where services are provided and the number of consumers provided service; and

(3) The services, such as nursing care or personal assistance, provided to consumers.