§15-1B-13. Assemblies, annual training and other duty.
a. Members and units of the organized militia shall assemble for drill, or other equivalent training, instruction or duties during each year and shall participate in field training, encampments, maneuvers, schools, conferences, cruises or other similar duties each year as may be prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations of the United States and of this state.

b. Members of the organized militia may be ordered by the governor or under his authority to perform special duty, including but not limited to duty in a judicial proceeding, as a member of or in any other capacity with any military board, or as an investigating officer or as a medical examiner.

c. Organization and unit commanders may in their discretion order drills of such portion of their command as may be deemed necessary, and may in their discretion order target practice for their command: Provided, That if any expense is to be incurred, written authority must be obtained from the adjutant general.