§14-2-25. Reports of the court.

     The clerk shall be the official reporter of the court. He or she shall collect and edit the approved claims, awards and statements, shall prepare them for submission to the Legislature in the form of an annual report and shall prepare them for publication.

     Claims and awards shall be separately classified as follows:

     (1) Approved claims and awards not satisfied but referred to the Legislature for final consideration and appropriation.

     (2) Approved claims and awards satisfied by payments out of regular appropriations.

     (3) Approved claims and awards satisfied by payment out of a special appropriation made by the Legislature to pay claims arising during the fiscal year.

     (4) Claims rejected by the court with the reasons therefor.

     The court may include any other information or recommendations pertaining to the performance of its duties.

     The court shall transmit its annual report to the presiding officer of each house of the Legislature, and a copy shall be made available to any member of the Legislature upon request therefor. The reports of the court shall be published biennially by the clerk as a public document. The biennial report shall be filed with the clerk of each house of the Legislature, the Governor and the Attorney General.