§13-2C-6. Joint establishment by two or more governmental bodies.
Any two or more governmental bodies may jointly acquire by construction and purchase, or by either, or finance one or more industrial projects or commercial projects or additions thereto by the issuance and delivery of revenue bonds in which case such governmental bodies shall jointly exercise all the rights, authority, power and duties herein conferred upon a county commission or a municipality when acting singly and they shall also be subject to the same limitations, restrictions and conditions as are herein imposed on a single governmental body in connection with the acquisition or financing of an industrial project or commercial project: Provided, That notwithstanding the signing and sealing requirements set forth in section seven of this article, the respective governing bodies may provide by agreement among themselves, approved by resolution, that any one of such governing bodies may sign and seal bonds issued pursuant to this article on both its own behalf and on behalf of all other participating governing bodies, and signature in the manner set forth in the said section seven by one governing body shall be effective as to all other participating governing bodies. The respective governing bodies, acting jointly, may also provide by agreement among themselves, any other terms and conditions of such joint participation.