§13-2B-4. Prior proceedings for pending bond issues validated.
All proceedings, which have been taken prior to the date this article takes effect, for the purpose of financing or aiding in the financing of any work, undertaking or project by any public body to which any loan or grant is under contract to be made by the United States of America through the federal emergency administrator of public works for the purpose of financing, or aiding in the financing, of such work, undertaking or project, including all proceedings for the authorization and issuance of bonds, and for the sale, execution and delivery thereof, are hereby validated, ratified, approved, and confirmed, notwithstanding any lack of power (other than constitutional) of such public body or the governing body or commission or officers thereof, to authorize and issue such bonds, or to sell, execute or deliver the same, and notwithstanding any defects or irregularities (other than constitutional) in such proceedings, including the publication of ordinances or resolutions, the holding of meetings to hear protests pursuant to such publication, the description of the work, undertaking or project in such ordinances or resolutions, the location of such work, undertaking or project, whether within or without the limits of the state, and notwithstanding that the members of such governing body may not have been elected, appointed or qualified for the office they purported to hold.