§13-1-27. Bond issue and tax to pay bonds to be incontestable upon failure to file petition for review or dismissal thereof.
If no person in interest or taxpayer shall within ten days from and after the date of the last publication of the notice of the attorney general of his action in approving or disapproving the validity of any bond issue, as provided in this article, present his or its petition to the supreme court of appeals or to a judge thereof in vacation praying that the action of the attorney general be reversed or modified, as hereinbefore provided, or if such petition be filed and the court or judge be of the opinion not to hear and determine the matters in such petition set out, the action of the attorney general shall be final and no other appeal shall be allowed therefrom; and the bond issue approved by him shall become incontestable and shall be a valid and binding obligation upon the authority issuing the same and upon the taxable property within the political division which authorized the bond issue by the vote of the people therein; and no one shall thereafter have the right to contest in any court or in any action or proceeding the legality of any election held under this article, the bond issue provided for, or the tax required to pay the same, for any cause whatsoever.