§13-1-20. Imposition and collection of tax to pay bonds and interest.
It shall be the duty of the governing body of any political division, at or before the time of issuing bonds under this article, to provide for the imposition and collection annually of a tax, in excess of all other taxes, on all property subject to taxation by the political division under the constitution and laws of this state, sufficient in amount to pay annually the interest on such debt and the principal thereof falling due in each year, such tax to be levied and collected by the same officers, at the same time and in the same manner as the general taxes of the political division. Should any political division neglect or fail for any reason to impose or collect such tax for the payment of the principal or interest of any bonded indebtedness incurred under this article, any person in interest or the state tax commissioner may enforce the imposition and collection thereof in any court having jurisdiction of the subject matter, and any suit, action or proceeding brought for such purpose shall be heard and disposed of with reasonable dispatch.