§13-1-14. Resolution authorizing issuance and fixing terms of bonds.
If the required amount of all the votes, pursuant to section four of this article, cast for and against the proposition to incur debt and issue negotiable bonds is in favor of the same, the governing body of the political division shall, by resolution, authorize the issuance of the bonds in an amount not exceeding the amount stated in the proposition; establish the maximum rate or rates of interest which the bonds shall bear within the maximum rate stated in the proposition submitted to vote; require that the bonds shall be made payable at the office of the Municipal Bond Commission and at any other place or places as the body issuing the same designates; provide for a sufficient levy to pay the annual interest on the bonds and the principal at maturity; fix the times within the maximum period, as contained in the proposition submitted to vote, when the bonds shall become payable, which shall not exceed thirty-four years from the date thereof; determine whether all or a portion of the bonds will be subject to redemption prior to the maturity thereof; and prescribe a form for executing the bonds authorized.