§11B-2-23. Approval of secretary of requests for changes and receipt and expenditure of federal funds by state agencies; copies or sufficient summary information to be furnished to secretary; and consolidated report of federal funds.
(a) Every agency of the state government when making requests or preparing budgets to be submitted to the federal government for funds, equipment, material or services, the grant or allocation of which is conditioned upon the use of state matching funds, shall have the request or budget approved in writing by the secretary before submitting it to the proper federal authority. When the federal authority has approved the request or budget, the agency of the state government shall resubmit it to the secretary for recording before any allotment or encumbrance of the federal funds can be made. Whenever any agency of the state government receives from any agency of the federal government a grant or allocation of funds which do not require state matching, the state agency shall report to the secretary the amount of the federal funds granted or allocated.

(b) Unless contrary to federal law, any agency of state government, when making requests or preparing budgets to be submitted to the federal government for funds for personal services, shall include in the request or budget the amount of funds necessary to pay for the costs of any fringe benefits related to the personal service. For the purposes of this section, "fringe benefits" means any employment benefit granted by the state which involves state funds, including, but not limited to, contributions to insurance, retirement and social security and which does not affect the basic rate of pay of an employee.

(c) In addition to the other requirements of this section, the secretary shall, as soon as possible after the end of each fiscal year but no later than the thirty-first day of December of each year, submit to the governor a consolidated report which shall contain a detailed itemization of all federal funds received by the state during the preceding and current fiscal years, as well as those scheduled or anticipated to be received during the next ensuing fiscal year. The itemization shall show:

(1) Each spending unit which has received or is scheduled or expected to receive federal funds in either of the fiscal years;

(2) The amount of each separate grant or distribution received or to be received; and

(3) A brief description of the purpose of every grant or other distribution, with the name of the federal agency, bureau or department making the grant or distribution: Provided, That it is not necessary to include in the report an itemization of federal revenue sharing funds deposited in and appropriated from the revenue sharing trust fund, or federal funds received for the benefit of the division of highways of the department of transportation.

(d) The secretary may obtain from the spending units any and all information necessary to prepare a report.

(e) Notwithstanding the other provisions of this section and in supplementation of the provisions of this section, the Legislature hereby determines that the department of revenue and its secretary need to be the single and central agency for receipt of information and documents in respect of applications for, and changes, receipt and expenditure of, federal funds by state agencies. Every agency of state government, when making application for federal funds in the nature of a grant, allocation or otherwise; when amending the applications or requests; when in receipt of federal funds; or when undertaking any expenditure of federal funds, in all respective instances, shall provide to the secretary of revenue document copies or sufficient summary information in respect of the federal funds to enable the secretary to provide approval in writing for any activity in respect to the federal funds.