§11-13J-2. Legislative finding and purpose.
It is the finding of the Legislature that community-based organizations can be a powerful force in community development. However, in West Virginia their effectiveness has historically been weakened by meager resources. Private corporations and individuals in West Virginia possess the resources to aid community-based organizations in their efforts to assist neighborhoods and communities. Due to the lack of clear incentives, the private and not-for-profit sectors have often not taken advantage of opportunities to collaborate with community-based organizations to the full extent possible by investment and participation in local programs.

Therefore, the neighborhood investment program act is hereby enacted with the intent that it provide incentives for contributions to qualifying charitable projects. It is the intent of the Legislature that this act encourage private sector businesses and individuals to contribute capital to community-based organizations which establish projects to assist neighborhoods and local communities through such services as health care, counseling, emergency assistance, crime prevention, education, housing, job training and physical and environmental improvements.