§11-10D-2. Legislative intent and findings.
(a) Intent. -- It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting the tax amnesty program provided by this article to improve compliance with this state's tax laws and to accelerate and increase collections of certain taxes currently owed to this state.

(b) Findings. -- The Legislature finds and declares that a public purpose is served by the waiver of tax penalties, additions to tax, a portion of accrued interest, and criminal prosecution in return for the immediate reporting and payment of previously underreported, unreported, unpaid or underpaid tax liabilities that are due and owing and are delinquent as of the first day of January, two thousand four. Benefits gained by this program include, among other things, accelerated receipt of certain currently owed taxes, permanently bringing into the tax system taxpayers who have been evading tax and providing an opportunity for taxpayers to clear their records and satisfy tax obligations. It is further the intent of the Legislature in enacting this article that the tax amnesty program be a one-time occurrence which shall not be repeated in the future, since taxpayers' expectations of future amnesty programs could have a counterproductive effect on compliance today.