§9-2-5. Responsibility and powers of department; information and data to be supplied by other agencies.
The department is charged with the responsibility of administering for the state the welfare assistance programs, for which responsibility it shall have (1) all powers, not inconsistent with state law, as may be necessary for this state to obtain maximum federal funds made available for federal-state assistance within whatever limits or restrictions may be imposed by, or may exist by reason of the amount of state funds appropriated for such assistance under, the state's budget act and supplementary appropriation acts and (2) all powers, not inconsistent with state law, as may be necessary for the disbursement and distribution of welfare assistance to those persons qualified therefor in as prompt, fair, orderly, efficient and economical manner as possible.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, each department, agency, commission or board of state government shall make available to the department of welfare such information and data as each such department, agency, commission or board may collect about any applicant for or recipient of any type of federal or state assistance upon such terms as may be prescribed by the governor, if such information and data would be relevant in determining whether such applicant or recipient is qualified or eligible for any such assistance, and after such information and data have been obtained by the department of welfare, the same shall be used only by such department of welfare in carrying out and discharging its powers, duties and responsibilities.