§8-25-12. Annual budget of regional council; contributions by governmental units; deposits and disbursements.
Each regional council shall adopt an annual budget, to be submitted to the participating governmental units which shall each contribute to the financing of the council according to a formula adopted by the council and approved by a majority of the counties and a majority of the municipalities participating in the regional council. All such contributions shall be fair and equitable and shall be based on the population of each participating governmental unit as determined on the basis of the latest decennial census, or such other criteria as may be determined by each respective regional council. Each participating county and municipality is hereby directed and empowered to pay over and contribute to the operation of said councils in accordance with the formula adopted as hereinbefore provided. Such sums, as are appropriated hereunder, may be transferred to the regional councils for deposit and disbursement as the regional councils may designate and direct. By such transfer, the governing body designates the regional council as its disbursing agent.