§8-22A-32. Membership retroactive in certain circumstances.
Notwithstanding all other provisions relating to this article and article twenty-two of this chapter, any police officer or firefighter hired by a participating public employer on or after June 1, 2009, and before January 1, 2010, who received notice at the time of employment that he or she may be placed in a new retirement system created by legislation and who has been enrolled in but received no benefits from a municipal policemen's or firemen's pension and relief fund shall, if permitted by applicable federal law, be enrolled in the Municipal Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement System upon acceptance by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board of the resolution of the municipality required by section twenty-eight of this article. Employee and employer contributions made by or on behalf of the employee to the municipal pension and relief fund pursuant to article twenty-two of this chapter shall be transferred within sixty days to the retirement system created in this article and the employee subject to the transfer shall receive service credit for time worked while a member of the municipal pension and relief fund.