§8-13C-3. Pension relief municipal occupational tax.
(a) Effective on and after the first day of July, two thousand five, each qualifying municipality, as defined in section two of this article, has the plenary power and authority to impose, by ordinance, a pension relief municipal occupational tax on taxable employees. Any pension relief municipal occupational tax imposed pursuant to this section shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The tax shall be imposed at a rate of one percent or less;

(2) The tax shall be imposed at a uniform rate; and

(3) The tax rate shall be applied only to salaries, wages, commissions and other earned income of taxable employees that would be included in federal adjusted gross income for the year. The tax rate may not be applied to other forms of income including, but not limited to, intangible income and net profit from a business.

(b) Each employer with a taxable employee, during each pay period, shall withhold from the taxable employee's salary the amount of the tax as computed by applying the appropriate tax rate to the taxable employee's salary during that pay period and remit the withholdings to the appropriate municipal taxing authority.