§8-13B-18. Use of proceeds from sale of bonds.
The proceeds from the sale of any bonds issued under authority of this article shall be applied only for the purpose for which the bonds were issued: Provided, That any accrued interest received in any such sale shall be applied to the payment of the interest on the bonds sold: Provided, however, That if for any reason any portion of such proceeds may not be needed for the purpose for which the bonds were issued, then such unneeded portion of said proceeds may be applied to the purchase of bonds for cancellation or payment of the principal of or the interest on said bonds, or held in reserve for the payment thereof. The costs that may be paid with the proceeds of the bonds include all redevelopment costs described in section five of this article and may also include, but not be limited to, the following: The cost of acquiring any real estate deemed necessary, the actual cost of the construction of any part of a downtown redevelopment district project which may be constructed, including architects', engineers', financial or other consultants' and legal fees, the purchase price or rental of any part of a downtown redevelopment district project that may be acquired by purchase or lease, all expense incurred in connection with the authorization, sale and issuance of the bonds to finance such acquisition, and the interest on such bonds for a reasonable time prior to construction, during construction, and for not exceeding twelve months after completion of construction and any other costs and expenses reasonably necessary in the establishment and acquisition of such downtown redevelopment district project and the financing thereof.