§7-7-6b. Additional compensation of assessors according to county classification.
For the purpose of determining the additional compensation to be paid to the county assessor of each county for the additional duties provided by section six-a of this article, the following compensations for each county assessor by class, as provided in section three of this article, are hereby established and shall be used by each county commission in determining the compensation of each county assessor; for assessors in Class I - V counties, inclusive, fifteen thousand dollars; for assessors in Class VI and VII counties, ten thousand dollars; for assessors in Class VIII and IX counties, nine thousand dollars; for assessors in Class X counties, six thousand five hundred dollars.

Notwithstanding this section or any other section of the code to the contrary, in no event shall the additional compensation paid to the county assessors for performance of additional duties as provided in section six-a of this article be less than the additional compensation such county assessors received on the first day of January, one thousand nine hundred seventy-six.