§7-1-12. Authority for establishing county curfews; jurisdiction for violations.
In addition to all other powers and duties now conferred by law upon county commissions, such commissions are hereby authorized, by order duly entered of record, to adopt an ordinance which establishes a curfew for persons under eighteen years of age. It shall be unlawful for any person under eighteen years of age to violate any ordinance: Provided, That whenever the county ordinance enacted hereunder conflicts with that of any municipality, the municipal ordinance shall prevail.

Any magistrate court, which shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the circuit court, of a county which has enacted an enforceable curfew ordinance may assume jurisdiction of a juvenile charged with violation of such ordinance and make any disposition thereof, which could properly be made by a circuit court exercising its juvenile jurisdiction, except that magistrate courts shall have no jurisdiction to impose a sentence of confinement for the violation of such laws.