§6-5-1. When terms of office to begin.
The terms of officers, except when elected or appointed to fill vacancies, shall begin respectively as follows: That of governor, secretary of state, state superintendent of free schools, treasurer, auditor, attorney general and commissioner of agriculture, on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of January next after their election; that of a member of the Legislature, on the first day of December next after his election; and that of the judges of the supreme court of appeals, the judges of the several circuit courts, the judges of the criminal, intermediate, common pleas and other inferior courts, the county commissioners, prosecuting attorneys, surveyors of land, assessors, sheriffs, clerks of the circuit, criminal, intermediate, common pleas, or other inferior courts, clerks of the county courts, justices of the peace and constables, on the first day of January next after their election.

Whenever a person is elected or appointed to fill a vacancy, his term shall be as prescribed by chapter three of this code.