§5B-2-8a. Commissioner of Tourism.

     (a) The division of tourism is under the direction and charge of the Commissioner of Tourism.

     (b) The commissioner shall be appointed by the Governor: Provided, That the person serving as commissioner at the time of the enactment of this section in 2011, shall continue to serve in that capacity at the will and pleasure of the Governor. The commissioner's salary shall be set the Governor. The commissioner shall be a competent person, having executive ability and knowledge of publicity, advertising and tourist promotion.

     (c) In addition to other duties required of the division by other provisions of this code, the division shall:

     (1) Coordinate media events to promote a positive image of West Virginia and new investment in the tourist industry;

     (2) Provide comprehensive strategic planning services to existing tourism enterprises;

     (3) Promote attractions of West Virginia in other states; and

     (4) Distribute West Virginia informational publications and manage the West Virginia Welcome Centers.