§5A-6A-4. Permit and license information authority.
(a) The Legislature hereby authorizes the Governor's Office of Technology to facilitate and coordinate the permitting and licensing process for business activities in this state.

(b) The office has the following authority to:

(1) Establish a central permit and license information repository;

(2) Determine the type of information that each agency must submit in order to provide adequate information to the public regarding the permits and licenses needed for a particular business activity;

(3) Require state agencies and local agencies to provide their permit and license information, including the type and purpose of all permits and licenses the agency issues;

(4) Create an online permitting and licensing program monitored through the state web page; and

(5) Make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature concerning the functionality of the central permit and license information repository to ensure its accessibility and reliability for use by agencies and the public.