§5-22A-7. Design-builder qualifications; duties and powers.
(a) Each design-builder shall be licensed to do business in this state and be a licensed architect or engineer or a general contractor.

(b) Each design-builder may:

(1) Assign or sublet the responsibility for professional design services to an architect or engineer licensed in this state. The architect or engineer shall carry, at all times, professional design liability insurance in an appropriate amount as designated by the agency. The architect or engineer may be a full or part-time employee of the design-builder; and

(2) Assign or sublet responsibility for construction or other services requiring a contractor's license to persons or entities licensed or otherwise qualified to provide those services in this state.

(c) Each design-builder may contract to provide professional services or construction services to the agency that the design-builder is not licensed, registered or otherwise authorized to provide so long as those services are assigned or sublet to a firm that is registered, licensed and qualified to provide those services.