§5-22A-6. Design-build rules.
The Department of Administration shall propose rules for legislative approval pursuant to article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code and consistent with this article for the award of design-build contracts, which provide, at a minimum:

(1) The procedures to select or designate a performance criteria developer and prepare performance criteria;

(2) The application process for approval of a design-build project;

(3) The procedures for selecting the most qualified design-builders prior to the release of the invitation for proposals;

(4) The procedures for the preparation and contents of invitations for proposals;

(5) The procedures for preparing and submitting proposals;

(6) The procedures for evaluating proposals;

(7) The procedures for negotiations between the agency and those submitting proposals prior to the acceptance of a proposal, if any such negotiations are contemplated;

(8) The procedures for awarding and executing design-build contracts;

(9) The procedures for awarding design-build contracts in the event of public emergencies as defined in the applicable statutes; and

(10) The procedures for acting on formal protests relating to the solicitation or award of design-build contracts.