§5-16B-3. Reporting requirements.
(a) Annually on the first day of January, the director shall report to the governor and the Legislature regarding the number of children enrolled in the program or programs; the average annual cost per child per program; the estimated number of remaining uninsured children; and the outreach activities for the previous year. The report shall include any information that can be obtained regarding the prior insurance and health status of the children enrolled in programs created pursuant to this article. The report shall include information regarding the cost, quality and effectiveness of the health care delivered to enrollees of this program; satisfaction surveys; and health status improvement indicators. The agency, in conjunction with other state health and insurance agencies, shall develop indicators designed to measure the quality and effectiveness of children's health programs, which information shall be included in the annual report.

(b) On a quarterly basis, the director shall provide reports to the legislative oversight commission on health and human resources accountability on the number of children served, including the number of newly enrolled children for the reporting period and current projections for future enrollees; outreach efforts and programs; statistical profiles of the families served and health status indicators of covered children; the average annual cost of coverage per child; the total cost of children served by provider type, service type and contract type; outcome measures for children served; reductions in uncompensated care; performance with respect to the financial plan; and any other information as the legislative oversight commission on health and human resources accountability may require.