§5-14A-3. Appointment of interpreter in court action or grand jury proceeding.
(a) In any case before any court or the grand jury, wherein any deaf person is a complainant, defendant or witness, a qualified interpreter to interpret the proceedings to the deaf person and interpret his or her testimony or statements and to assist in preparation with counsel shall be appointed as provided under the provisions of section seven, article five, chapter fifty-seven of this code. The court shall work closely with West Virginia commission for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in finding the right interpreter for any duty in court.

(b) Efforts to obtain the services of a qualified interpreter certified with a legal skills certificate, or a comprehensive oral interpreting certificate will be made prior to accepting services of an interpreter with lesser certification. No qualified interpreter shall be appointed unless the appointing authority and the deaf person make a preliminary determination that the interpreter is able to communicate readily with the deaf person and is able to interpret accurately the statement of the deaf person and interpret the proceedings in which a deaf person may be involved.