§5-10-33. Contributions by other participating public employers; withholding state money to satisfy delinquencies.
(a) The board of trustees shall annually certify to each participating public employer, other than the state, the employer contribution rate, determined in section thirty-one hereof, for the public employer division. Each participating public employer shall pay to the state treasurer, for credit to the retirement system, the contributions equal to the said contribution rate applied to each and every payroll of the participating public employer. The said payments shall be made in such manner and form, and in such frequency, and shall be accompanied by such supporting data, as the board shall from time to time prescribe. When paid, the said contributions shall be credited to the employers accumulation fund.

(b) If any participating public employer, other than the state, fails to make any payment due the retirement system for a period of sixty days after the payment is due, the participating public employer shall become delinquent, and such delinquency shall be certified to the state auditor by the board of trustees. If any participating public employer becomes delinquent, as provided herein, the state auditor is authorized and directed to withhold any money due such participating public employer by the state until such delinquency, together with regular interest thereon, from the date due, is satisfied. Such money so withheld by the state auditor shall be paid to the retirement system.