§5-1A-5. Itemization of appropriations for state division of highways; state aid to schools.
(a) Proposed appropriations for the state division of highways shall be itemized separately for:

(1) "Debt service" which means the payment of principal and interest due on all state bonds issued for the benefit of the state road fund;

(2) "General operations" which includes all expenses of administration of the division of highways;

(3) "Federal Aid Construction -- Interstate Program";

(4) "Nonfederal Aid Construction";

(5) "Appalachian Program";

(6) "Other Federal Aid Programs";

(7) "Inventory Purchases";

(8) "Maintenance";

(9) "Claims."

Any specific purposes which do not fall within the items in the subsection may be itemized and designated separately by the governor.

(b) Proposed appropriations for "State Aid to Schools" shall be itemized separately for each allowance set forth in section three, article nine-a, chapter eighteen of this code, for each allowance mentioned elsewhere in said article and chapter, and for any other purpose mentioned in said article and chapter for which an appropriation must be made from the general revenue fund.