§4-3-3b. Duty of the joint committee on government and finance with respect to the statewide reappraisal to be completed on the thirty-first day of March, one thousand nine hundred eighty-five.
The joint committee is hereby directed to study during the calendar years one thousand nine hundred eighty-three and one thousand nine hundred eighty-four, any and all matters upon which legislation is required by the property tax limitation and homestead exemption amendment of one thousand nine hundred eighty-two and any matters upon which, in the joint committee's judgment legislation may become necessary with respect thereto, including a study of the desirability of this state converting, for purposes of determining the property subject to ad valorem property taxation, to an averaged annual value method or pro rata value method as opposed to a tax-status-day value method. The committee shall report to the Legislature any recommendations which it may deem proper, along with legislation to effectuate those recommendations.