§3-2-27. Procedure following sending of confirmation notices;

correction or cancellation of registrations upon

response; designation of inactive when no response;

cancellation of inactive voters; records.
(a) Upon receipt of a confirmation response card mailed pursuant to the provisions of section twenty-six of this article and returned completed and signed by the voter, the clerk shall either:

(1) Update the voter registration by noting the confirmation of the current address if no other changes are requested or by entering any change of address within the county, change of name or other correction requested by the voter; or

(2) Cancel the voter's registration if the voter confirms that he or she has moved out of the county.

(b) Upon receipt of the confirmation notice returned undeliverable, the clerk may either:

(1) Send a second confirmation notice to the old residence address if the first notice was sent to a new address provided by the postal service; or

(2) Designate the registration as "inactive" or transfer it to the inactive voter registration file, as defined in section nineteen of this article.

(c) If no response to the confirmation notice is received by the first day of February following the mailing of the confirmation notice, the clerk shall designate the registration as "inactive" or transfer it to the inactive voter registration file as provided in section nineteen of this article.

(d) An inactive voter registration shall be returned to active status or transferred to the active voter registration file upon the voter's application to update the registration or to vote in any election while they remain on the inactive list.

(e) The clerk of the county commission shall cancel the records of all voters on the inactive file who have not responded to the confirmation notice, otherwise updated their voter registrations or voted in any state, county or municipal primary, general or special election held within the county during a period beginning on the date of the notice and ending on the day after the date of the second general election for federal office which occurs after the date of the notice.