SB268 HFA Evans et al 3-10

Altizer – 3259

            Delegates Evans, Hornbuckle, Thompson, Walker and Doyle move to amend CS for SB268 on page 10, section 1, line 235, following the period by inserting a new subsection to read as follows:

            “(10) To assure the health and safety standards are met for facilities where students attend school, each micro-school, as a condition of authorization by the county board of education, shall receive certification that the facility meets minimum health and safety, special education services, and any applicable state or federal school requirements.  Upon receipt of an application for the establishment of a micro-school, a County Board of Education shall establish a “Micro-school Safety Board” to certify that any facility used as a micro school meets applicable standards.   The Board shall be appointed by the County Board of Education and consist of three members.  (1) A parent or guardian of a student attending the school; (2) A representative of the state Fire Marshal’s office, and (3) A member of the county school board.   This Board shall inspect each facility and assure that all applicable state and federal laws relating to its operation are met.   Upon certification by the Micro -School Safety Board the county board of education shall issue authorization for the micro school’s operation.”