HB3096 HFA Espinosa 3-24 #1

Akers 3238


Delegates Espinosa and Hanshaw moved to amend the Committee Substitute for House Bill 3096 on page three, section nine, line seventeen, by striking the words “May be determined on” and capitalizing the first letter of the word “any” to read “Any”.

On page six, section nine, line eighty-three and line eighty-four, by striking the comma following the word “charges” and striking the words “and the circuit court shall resolve said complaint within 120 days of filing”. 


On page nineteen, section three, line thirty-three, by striking the words “section four-b subsections (d)(2) or(g) [§§24-2-4b(d)(2) or (g)]” and inserting in lieu thereof the following:  “subsections (d)(2) or (g) of section four-b”.