SB1003 SFA Trump 5-24 #3

Kleeh 7824


Senator Trump moves to amend the bill on page twenty-one, section thirteen-a, line fourteen, after the word “program by changing the semicolon to a colon and adding the following proviso: Provided, That the Parkways Authority may not increase any passenger vehicle rates, tolls or charges without establishing either a single fee program pursuant to subdivision (16), subsection (a), section six of this article or a passenger motor vehicle unlimited use single fee EZ Pass transponder discount program: Provided, however, That the single annual fee proposed to be charged under either such program may not exceed an amount equal to the sum of: (1) 2.5 times the total toll rate for a single passage of a two axle passenger motor vehicle through every toll plaza facility maintained by the Parkways Authority; and (2) a usage fee for the EZ Pass transponder, radio frequency identifying tag or other device issued by the Parkways Authority to participate in such program, which fee shall not exceed the actual cost of issuing such device;.