SB60 HFA Sponaugle and Householder 3-10

CR 3338 

            Delegate Sponaugle and Householder move to amend the amendment on page 1, line 4 by striking the entirety of section sixteen and inserting in lieu thereof the following a new section sixteen to read as follows:

§16-2-16. Food handler examinations and cards.

            A food handler permit or card issued pursuant to the procedures put in place by a local county health department shall be valid for at least one year but not longer than three years. The permit or card shall be valid in all counties of this state, if the applicant pays an additional fee not to exceed $10.00. If required, a permit or card shall be obtained within thirty days of a person being hired in a restaurant or other applicable food establishment. The Bureau for Public Health shall develop minimum guidelines for training programs for individuals seeking a food handler permit or card that may be adopted by local county health departments. In lieu of state guidelines a local health department may use training courses developed by the American National Standards Institute or other nationally recognized entities for food safety training.