SB411 SFA Trump 1-27 # 1

Macia 4483


            Senator Trump moved to amend the bill on page nine, section four, lines five and six, by striking out the words “For an action filed on or after the effective date of this article, the” and inserting in lieu thereof the word “The”;

            On page twenty-six, section three, lines one through seven, by striking out all of subdivision (7);

            And by renumbering the remaining subdivisions;

            On page thirty-three, section three, line eleven, by striking out the word “oncologist,”;

            On page forty-two, by striking out the section caption and inserting in lieu thereof a new section caption, to read as follows:

§55-7F-4. Filing claims, establishment of a prima facie case, additional required information for new nonmalignant claims, individual actions to be filed.;

            On page forty-two, section four, line twelve, after the word “action” by inserting the words “alleging a nonmalignant condition”;


            On page forty-three, section four, lines fourteen and fifteen, by striking out the words “or within ninety days of filing the complaint for malignant”.