HB2523 HFIN FBM                            HOUSE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE


H. B. 2523 (Creating a special revenue account to offset costs for the West Virginia State Police 100th Anniversary in 2019.)


Sponsors:          Delegate Ashley


Attorney:           JHJ 


Date:                    February 16, 2015


Title:                    Ok

Fiscal Note:      No


Code:                    §15-2-3 (amend)

Purpose: The bill would create a special revenue account known as the State Police 100th Anniversary Fund. The fund would be made up of merchandise sales, any appropriations and donations. The superintendent would be authorized to spend the funds to offset costs for the 100th Anniversary commemoration, including purchasing commemorative merchandise and items, or activities. The fund would expire on December 31, 2019, and any remaining funds in the account would transfer to the Academy Training and Professional Development Fund.

Committee Action: The Committee reported the bill without amendment

Effective Date:           Regular