HB2999 S H&HR AM #1

Johnson 7909


            The Committee on Health and Human Resources moved to amend the bill on page fifteen, section one, line one, by striking out “(a)”;

            On page sixteen, section one, lines fifteen and sixteen by striking out all of subsection (c);

            On pages sixteen and seventeen, section two, by striking out all of section two and inserting in lieu thereof a new section, designated section two, to read as follows:

§16-2M-2. Rules; minimum standards for neonatal abstinence centers.

            (a) The secretary shall promulgate emergency rules pursuant to the provisions of section fifteen, article three, chapter twenty-two of this code to carry out the purpose of this article. These rules shall include at a minimum:

            (1) Licensing procedures for neonatal abstinence centers. These procedures shall be in place by July 1, 2015;

            (2) The minimum standards of operation for neonatal abstinence facilities including the following:

            (A) Minimum numbers of administrators, medical directors, nurses, aides and other personnel according to the occupancy of the facility;

            (B) Qualifications of facility's administrators, medical directors, nurses, aides and other personnel;

            (C) Safety requirements;

            (D) Sanitation requirements;

            (E) Therapeutic services to be provided;

            (F) Medical records;

            (G) Pharmacy services;

            (H) Nursing services;

            (I) Medical services;

            (J) Physical facility;

            (K) Visitation privileges; and

            (L) Admission, transfer and discharge policies.

            (b) The provisions of the rules promulgated pursuant to this section shall apply only to those facilities regulated pursuant to section five, article two-d of this chapter and shall not apply to a hospital-based acute care unit.;


            On page seventeen, section three, line one, by striking out “(a)”.