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WVC 31 B- 5 - 501 §31B-5-501. Member's distributional interest.
(a) A member is not a coowner of, and has no transferable interest in, property of a limited liability company.

(b) A distributional interest in a limited liability company is personal property and, subject to sections 5-502 and 5-503, may be transferred, in whole or in part.

(c) An operating agreement may provide that a distributional interest may be evidenced by a certificate of the interest issued by the limited liability company and, subject to section 5-503, may also provide for the transfer of any interest represented by the certificate.

WVC 31 B- 5 - 502 §31B-5-502. Transfer of distributional interest.
A transfer of a distributional interest does not entitle the transferee to become or to exercise any rights of a member. A transfer entitles the transferee to receive, to the extent transferred, only the distributions to which the transferor would be entitled.

WVC 31 B- 5 - 503 §31B-5-503. Rights of transferee.
(a) A transferee of a distributional interest may become a member of a limited liability company if and to the extent that the transferor gives the transferee the right in accordance with authority described in the operating agreement or all other members consent.

(b) A transferee who has become a member, to the extent transferred, has the rights and powers, and is subject to the restrictions and liabilities, of a member under the operating agreement of a limited liability company and this chapter. A transferee who becomes a member also is liable for the transferor member's obligations to make contributions under section 4-402 and for obligations under section 4-407 to return unlawful distributions, but the transferee is not obligated for the transferor member's liabilities unknown to the transferee at the time the transferee becomes a member.

(c) Whether or not a transferee of a distributional interest becomes a member under subsection (a) of this section, the transferor is not released from liability to the limited liability company under the operating agreement or this chapter.

(d) A transferee who does not become a member is not entitled to participate in the management or conduct of the limited liability company's business, require access to informationconcerning the company's transactions or inspect or copy any of the company's records.

(e) A transferee who does not become a member is entitled to:

(1) Receive, in accordance with the transfer, distributions to which the transferor would otherwise be entitled;

(2) Receive, upon dissolution and winding up of the limited liability company's business:

(i) In accordance with the transfer, the net amount otherwise distributable to the transferor;

(ii) A statement of account only from the date of the latest statement of account agreed to by all the members;

(3) Seek under section 8-801(b)(6) a judicial determination that it is equitable to dissolve and wind up the company's business.

(f) A limited liability company need not give effect to a transfer until it has notice of the transfer.

WVC 31 B- 5 - 504 §31B-5-504. Rights of creditor.
(a) On application by a judgment creditor of a member of a limited liability company or of a member's transferee, a court having jurisdiction may charge the distributional interest of the judgment debtor to satisfy the judgment. The court may appoint a receiver of the share of the distributions due or to become due to the judgment debtor and make all other orders, directions, accounts and inquiries the judgment debtor might have made or which the circumstances may require to give effect to the charging order.

(b) A charging order constitutes a lien on the judgment debtor's distributional interest. The court may order a foreclosure of a lien on a distributional interest subject to the charging order at any time. A purchaser at the foreclosure sale has the rights of a transferee.

(c) At any time before foreclosure, a distributional interest in a limited liability company which is charged may be redeemed:

(1) By the judgment debtor;

(2) With property other than the company's property, by one or more of the other members; or

(3) With the company's property, but only if permitted by the operating agreement.

(d) This chapter does not affect a member's right under exemption laws with respect to the member's distributional interestin a limited liability company.

(e) This section provides the exclusive remedy by which a judgment creditor of a member or a transferee may satisfy a judgment out of the judgment debtor's distributional interest in a limited liability company.

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