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WVC 7 - 7 - 4 §7-7-4. Compensation of elected county officials and county commissioners for each class of county; effective date.

  (1) The increased salaries to be paid to the county commissioners and the other elected county officials described in this section on and after July 1, 2014, are set out in subsections (5) and (7) of this section. Every county commissioner and elected county official in each county, whose term of office commenced prior to or on or after July 1, 2014, shall receive the same annual salary by virtue of legislative findings of extra duties as set forth in section one of this article.

  (2) Before the increased salaries, as set out in subsections (5) and (7) of this section, are paid to the county commissioners and the elected county officials, the following requirements must be met:

  (A) The Auditor has certified that the fiscal condition of the county, considering costs, revenues, liabilities and significant trends of the same; maintenance standards; and the commitment to the provision of county services has sufficiently improved over the previous fiscal years so that there exists an amount sufficient for the payment of the increase in the salaries set out in subsections (5) and (7) of this section and the related employment taxes: Provided, That the Auditor may not provide the certification for the payment of the increase in the salaries where any proposed annual county budget contains anticipated receipts which are unreasonably greater or lesser than that of the previous year. For purposes of this subsection, the term "receipts" does not include unencumbered fund balance or federal or state grants: Provided, however, That the Auditor shall not be held liable for relying upon information and data provided by a county commission in assessing the county's fiscal condition or a proposed annual county budget; and

  (B) Each county commissioner or other elected official described in this section in office on the effective date of the increased salaries provided by this section who desires to receive the increased salary shall have prior to that date filed in the office of the clerk of the county commission his or her written request for the salary increase. The salary for the person who holds the office of county commissioner or other elected official described in this section who fails to file the written request as required by this paragraph shall be the salary for that office in effect immediately prior to the effective date of the increased salaries provided by this section until the person vacates the office or his or her term of office expires, whichever first occurs.

  Any request for a salary increase shall use the following language:

  I, [name of office holder], the duly elected [name of office] in and for the County of [name of county], West Virginia, do hereby request a salary increase pursuant to W. Va. Code §7-7-4, as amended. This salary increase is effective July 1, 2014.

  [Signature of office holder]


  (3) If the Auditor has failed to certify that there is an amount sufficient for the payment of the increase in the salaries and the related employment taxes pursuant to this section, then the salaries of that county's elected officials and commissioners shall remain at the level in effect at the time certification was sought.

     (4) In any county having a tribunal in lieu of a county commission, the county commissioners of that county may be paid less than the minimum salary limits of the county commission for that particular class of the county.

     (5) Prior to July 1, 2014:


                      Class I$36,960

                      Class II$36,300

                      Class III$35,640

                      Class IV$34,980

                      Class V$34,320

                      Class VI$28,380

Class VII$27,720

                    Class VIII$25,080

                      Class IX$24,420

                      Class X$19,800

  After June 30, 2014:

                              COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                      Class I                     $41,395

                      Class II                    $40,656

                      Class III                   $39,917

                      Class IV                    $39,178

                      Class V                     $38,438

                      Class VI                    $31,786

                      Class VII                   $31,046

                      Class VIII                  $28,090

                      Class IX                    $27,350

                      Class X                     $22,176

  (6) For the purpose of determining the salaries to be paid to the elected county officials of each county, the salaries for each county office by class, set out in subdivision (7) of this subsection, are established and shall be used by each county commission in determining the salaries of each of their county officials other than salaries of members of the county commission.

  (7) Prior to July 1, 2014:


                         CountyCircuit   Prosecuting

     SheriffClerkClerk  AssessorAttorney

Class I$44,880   $55,440   $55,440   $44,880$ 96,600

Class II$44,220$54,780   $54,780   $44,220    $ 94,400

Class III$43,890$53,460$53,460   $43,890    $ 92,200

Class IV$43,560$53,154   $53,154   $43,560    $ 90,000

Class V$43,230$52,800   $52,800   $43,230    $ 87,800

Class VI$42,900$49,500   $49,500   $42,900    $ 59,400

Class VII$42,570$48,840   $48,840   $42,570    $ 56,760

Class VIII$42,240$48,180   $48,180   $42,240    $ 54,120

Class IX$41,910$47,520   $47,520   $41,910    $ 50,160

Class X$38,280$42,240   $42,240   $38,280    $ 46,200

  After June 30, 2014:

                                         OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS

                         CountyCircuit   Prosecuting

     SheriffClerk        Clerk  AssessorAttorney

Class I                $50,266   $62,093   $62,093   $50,266    $108,192

Class II               $49,526   $61,354   $61,354   $49,526    $105,728

Class III              $49,157   $59,875   $59,875   $49,157    $103,264

Class IV               $48,787   $59,532   $59,532   $48,787    $100,800

Class V                $48,418   $59,136   $59,136   $48,418    $98,336

Class VI               $48,048   $55,440   $55,440   $48,048    $66,528

Class VII              $47,678   $54,701   $54,701   $47,678    $63,571

Class VIII             $47,309   $53,962   $53,962   $47,309    $60,614

Class IX               $46,939   $53,222   $53,222   $46,939    $56,179

Class X                $42,874   $47,309   $47,309   $42,874    $51,744

  (8) Any county clerk, circuit clerk, county assessor, prosecuting attorney or sheriff of a Class I through Class V county, inclusive, any assessor or any sheriff of a Class VI through Class IX county, inclusive, shall devote full time to his or her public duties to the exclusion of any other employment: Provided, That any public official whose term of office begins when his or her county's classification imposes no restriction on his or her outside activities may not be restricted on his or her outside activities during the remainder of the term for which he or she is elected.

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