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Senator M. Hall ; ; ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform To Meet August 31 in Charleston 08/27/2015
Senator M. Hall ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet August 17 in Charleston 08/13/2015
President Cole ; Senate President Cole, Speaker Armstead Sign Letter to Revoke ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ Regarding Common Core Standards 08/04/2015
President Cole ; ; Senate President Cole, Speaker of the House Armstead Pledge to Defend West Virginia's Coal Mining Industry 08/03/2015
Senator Boso ; ; Senator Greg Boso Asks Governor Tomblin for Financial Assistance to Help Webster County Memorial Hospital 07/23/2015
President Cole ; ; Joint Committee Issues Subpoena to WorkForce West Virginia for Prevailing Wage Documents 07/07/2015
Senator M. Hall ; ; ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet June 29 in Charleston 06/26/2015
Senator M. Hall ; ; ; ; ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet June 9 in Charleston 06/03/2015
President Cole ; ; Media Advisory: Senate President Cole, Speaker Armstead Join to Support ARENA 05/15/2015
Senator M. Hall ; ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform to Meet May 18 in Charleston 05/14/2015
Senator M. Hall ; ; Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform To Meet May 4 in Charleston 04/29/2015
Senator M. Hall ; ; ; ; ; Co-Chairs of Joint Committee on Tax Reform highlight available resources and seek public comment 04/15/2015
Senator D. Hall ; ;,Senator Mullins ; Senators Mullins, Hall Have Concerns Over Handling of Snow Day Waivers 03/24/2015
Senator Kessler ; Senate Democrats Offer Teacher Pay Raise Increase Amendment 03/11/2015
Senator Unger ; Unger Pleased With Passage of “Jamie's Law” 03/09/2015
President Cole ; ; ; ; Senate President Bill Cole Urges West Virginians to Be Prepared in Advance of Winter Storm Thor 03/04/2015
Senator Sypolt ; ; West Virginia Senate Passes Charter Schools Act of 2015 03/02/2015
Senator D. Hall ;,Senator Mullins ; Senators Daniel Hall and Jeff Mullins Ask West Virginia Board of Education to Waive Instructional Days Requirement for Raleigh, Wyoming Counties 03/01/2015
Senator Carmichael ;,Senator Takubo ; ; West Virginia Senate Unanimously Passes Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Claims Transparency Act 02/27/2015
Senator D. Hall ; ; West Virginia Senate Unanimously Passes 'Trinkets' Bill 02/27/2015
President Cole ; ; Creating Public Charter Schools Act of 2015 Placed On Senate Calendar Following Floor Motion to Place Bill on First Reading 02/24/2015
Senator Kessler ; ; Paid Sick Leave Bill Introduced 02/20/2015
Senator Kessler ; Tobacco Tax Increase Introduced 02/20/2015
Senator Ferns ; ; ; ; Senator Ryan Ferns Brings Ohio Governor John Kasich to Charleston to Discuss Federal Balanced Budget Amendment 02/18/2015
Senator Leonhardt ; ; Senator Kent Leonhardt Honors Veterans with Resolution 02/17/2015
Senator Walters ; ; Senator Chris Walters Sponsors Bill to Diversify West Virginia’s Economy, Broadband Infrastructure 02/17/2015
President Cole ; ; West Virginia Senate to Designate February 10 As Drug Court Day 02/10/2015
President Cole ;,Senator D. Hall ;,Senator Kirkendoll ; West Virginia Senate Passes Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015 02/10/2015
Senator Unger ; Unger Pleased With Eastern Panhandle Jobs Announcement 02/10/2015
President Cole ; ; ; West Virginia Senate Passes Comparative Fault Reform 02/09/2015
Senator Kessler ; Kessler Calls For a Day of Action 02/05/2015
Senator D. Hall ;,Senator Mullins ; ; Senators Daniel Hall, Mullins Lead Bipartisan Raleigh County Workgroup 02/03/2015
President Cole ; ; Gregory L. Boso Appointed to 11th District Senate Seat 01/16/2015
President Cole ; ; Cole Elected President of West Virginia Senate 01/14/2015
President Kessler ; ; Legislature to Stream Video of Floor Proceedings 01/12/2015
Senator Cole ; ; Statement from Senator Bill Cole on the passing of former Governor Arch Moore 01/08/2015
Senator Plymale ; State Senator Robert H. Plymale Mourns Dr. Kopp 12/19/2014
President Kessler ; SCORE Task Force to Meet Next Week in Fayette County 11/12/2014
Senator Plymale ; ; Senator Robert H. Plymale Headed to China with NCSL to Study Education Reform 10/28/2014
Senator Cookman ; Cookman Praises Passage of Provision That Protects State's Water From Radiation 10/21/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Fights to Protect Drinking Water From Radiation 10/20/2014
President Kessler ; ; Kessler Announces SCORE Initiative 10/16/2014
President Kessler ; President Kessler To Hold Press Conference Tomorrow 10/15/2014
President Kessler ; Kessler Says It's Time For EHNDA 10/10/2014
President Kessler ; Statement on the Death of Former First Lady Shelley Riley Moore 09/16/2014
Senator Beach ; Beach Announces Naming of Star City Interchange 09/12/2014
President Kessler ; Kessler Makes Appointment to Public Water System Supply Study Commission 08/29/2014
President Kessler ; Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Call Brief Special Session 08/27/2014
Senator Hall, D. ; Senator Hall Awarded Leadership Scholarship From SLC 08/21/2014
Senator Unger ; ; ; West Virginia State Lawmaker Elected Committee Chair During SLC Meeting 07/29/2014
President Kessler ; Kessler Names Juvenile Justice Task Force Members 07/24/2014
Senator Yost ; ; Senator Takes Part in 2014 Rising State Leaders Tour of Western Canada 07/15/2014
President Kessler ;,Senator Edgell ; Lawmakers Help Keep Local State Police Detachment Open 07/09/2014
Senator Williams ; ; Senator Williams Announces Grant Awards to Various Programs in the 14th Senatorial District 06/18/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Wants Conditions of Dangerous Jefferson County Road Immediately Addressed 04/17/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Again Calls on Public Service Commission to Order Potomac Edison to Immediately Stop Unacceptable Utility Billing Practices 04/10/2014
President Kessler ; Kessler Pleased With Signing of Senate Bill 373 04/01/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Applauds the Signing of Senate Bill 373 04/01/2014
President Kessler ; Senate President Is Pleased With the Signing of Minimum Wage bill 04/01/2014
President Kessler ; ; Senate President and House Speaker Urge Governor to Sign Minimum Wage Bill 03/27/2014
President Kessler ; Statement from Senate President Kessler on the Signing of SB 317 03/26/2014
Senator Fitzsimmons ; ; Fitzsimmons Wins Governor's Legislative Arts Award 03/14/2014
Senator Miller ; Miller Wins Governor's Legislative Arts Award 03/14/2014
President Kessler ; ; ; Kessler Urges Governor to Call a Special Session 03/11/2014
Senator Fitzsimmons ; Fitzsimmons Introduces Bill to Combat Rising Flood Insurance Costs 02/17/2014
Senator Wells ; Legislation Introduced to Address Long Term Water Sustainability 02/17/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Wants West Virginians to Forever Own the State's Greatest Resource - Water 02/12/2014
Senator Unger ; Unger Asks For Help From Federal Government 02/04/2014
Senator Cookman ; ; Senate Adopts Resolution Honoring Slain State Troopers 01/29/2014
Senator Beach ; Statement From Senator Beach Regarding Water Quality Legislation 01/28/2014
Senator Fitzsimmons ; Fitzsimmons Introduces Ohio County TIF Expansion Bill 01/28/2014
Senator Unger ; Statement From the Majority Leader 01/20/2014
Senator Unger ; Water Resources Commission Investigating Chemical Spill 01/14/2014
President Kessler ; Kessler Urges Calm During State of Emergency 01/10/2014
Senator Yost ;,Senator Fitzsimmons ; Legislators Obtain Small Cities Block Grant for Sewer Extension Project 01/07/2014
Senator Cookman Senator Cookman Obtains Small Cities Block Grant for Mineral County 01/06/2014
President Kessler Legislative Auditor Finds Suspicious Activity Within WV Dept. of Agriculture 01/02/2014
Senator Beach Beach Wins Nurse Practitioners Award 12/16/2013
President Kessler West Virginia Blue Book Now Available Online 09/27/2013
President Kessler Legislature Reviewing State Purchasing Laws, Grant Oversight 09/24/2013
Senator Unger Unger Praises Raleigh Street Extension Project Completion 09/11/2013
Senator Tucker Senator Tucker Introducing Bill to Require Prescription To Fill Meth-making Pseudoephedrine 09/10/2013
Senator Unger Senator Unger Presents Grant to Good Shepherd Caregivers 09/05/2013
President Kessler Kessler Named to National Policy Committee 08/20/2013
President Kessler Support For West Virginia Future Fund Growing As Lawmakers Prepare For North Dakota Trip 08/19/2013
Senator Plymale Senator Plymale Elected Treasurer of Southern Regional Education Board 08/15/2013
Senator Unger Senate Select Committee Meeting in Wood County 08/08/2013
President Kessler Kessler Fills Committee Vacancies With Southern West Virginia Democratic Lawmakers 08/02/2013
Senator Unger Senator Unger Selected Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference Education Committee 07/31/2013
President Kessler Kessler Removes Jenkins From Senate Committees 07/30/2013
President Kessler Kessler Urging Public to Attend Highway Commission Meetings 07/12/2013
Senator Unger Select Committee on Children and Poverty Meeting in Logan County 07/09/2013
President Kessler Senate-House Delegation Plans Trip to North Dakota to Study Future Fund 07/03/2013
President Kessler Infrastructure Committee to Hear from WVDOT on Marcellus Effects 06/14/2013
Senator Unger Senator Unger to Honor Berkeley County Clerk 06/13/2013
President Kessler Northern Panhandle Delegation Secures Funding for Benwood Miner Memorial 06/12/2013
Senator Unger Unger Calls For Investigation into Utility Billing Practices 06/12/2013
President Kessler Select Committee on Children and Poverty to Meet in Wheeling 06/11/2013
President Kessler Kessler Decries Patriot Coal Bankruptcy Ruling 05/30/2013
Senator Unger Senator Unger Presents Grants to Harpers Ferry 05/14/2013
President Kessler Kessler Praises Creation of Scholarships For Children of Slain Officers 05/09/2013
President Kessler Media Advisory - President Kessler to be Keynote Speaker at Glenville State College’s 139th commencement ceremony 05/09/2013
Senator Unger Unger Pleased with Signing of WV Feed to Achieve Act 05/08/2013
Senator Unger Unger Responds to Signing of WV Commuter Rail Access Act 05/08/2013
President Kessler Kessler Commends Creation of Spay/Neuter Assistance Program 05/08/2013
President Kessler Kessler Pleased With Governor's Decision on Medicaid Expansion 05/02/2013
Senator Unger Puppy Mill Bill Passes Both Houses 04/13/2013
Senator Unger Feed to Achieve Act Headed to Governor 04/13/2013
Senator Barnes Senate Honors Senator Ursula Jae Spears 04/08/2013
President Kessler WV Legislature to Host Screening of Documentary on Poverty 04/04/2013
Senator Unger Animal Protection Bills Pass Unanimously 04/03/2013
Senator Unger Active Military Tax Exemption Bill Passes Senate 04/02/2013
Senator Unger Senate Passes Concealed Handgun License Reciprocity Bill 04/02/2013
Senator Fitzsimmons Wheeling to Host West Virginia Sesquicentennial Celebration 04/01/2013
Senator Unger West Virginia Feed to Achieve Act Introduced in Senate 03/27/2013
President Kessler Legislation to Establish Job Creation Task Force Introduced 03/21/2013
Senator Unger First Informer Broadcasters Act Passes Senate 03/19/2013
Senator Unger Child Poverty Select Committee to Meet in Beckley 03/13/2013
Majority Leader John Unger II Bill Authorizes Benefit Corporation Formation 02/26/2013
Majority Leader John Unger II Child Poverty Select Committee Heading to Oak Hill 02/26/2013
Majority Leader John Unger II Unger Introduces Homeowner Bill of Rights Legislation 02/25/2013
Majority Leader John Unger II Unger Calls For Children and Poverty Select Committee 01/28/2013
Senator H. Truman Chafin Chafin Opposes Credit Card Surcharge Fee 01/28/2013
Senator Sam Cann Cann Sworn-In As State Senator 01/25/2013
Senator Greg Tucker Media Advisory - Elkins Town Hall Meeting Scheduled This Weekend Canceled 01/24/2013
Senator Bob Williams Senator Williams Appointed as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Development 01/24/2013
Senator Greg Tucker Senator Tucker to Hold Storm Response Review 01/15/2013
Senator Erik Wells West Virginia Military Study Results Released 01/08/2013
Senator Jack Yost Senator Yost Awarded Prestigious 2012 Henry Toll Fellowship 12/06/2012
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Majority Leader Presents $40,000 Grant to Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department/Berkeley County Animal Control Program 10/26/2012
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Majority Leader Keynote Speaker for Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Reserve Academy Graduation 10/24/2012
Majority Leader John Unger II Senators to Present Berkeley Senior Services Grant 10/22/2012
Senator Ronald Miller Agriculture and Agri-Business Committee to Tour Moorefield Poultry Facilities 09/13/2012
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Supports Creation of Minority Affairs Office 03/14/2012
Senator Roman Prezioso Prezioso on the Budget 03/12/2012
Senator Robert Plymale $1.266 Million Secured for Marshall’s Medical School 03/08/2012
Senatro Orphy Klempa Klempa Wins Trauma and Injury Prevention Award 03/06/2012
Senator Richard Browning Senate Passes Performance Evaluation Bill 03/05/2012
Senator John Unger Senate Actively Moving Legislation 02/23/2012
Senator Douglas Facemire Senate Considers State Police Civilian Pay Bill 02/23/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II West Virginia Senate Recognizes Jefferson County 02/20/2012
Senator Corey Palumbo Senate Passes Bill Defining Felons 02/20/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II Senator Unger Introduces Bill To Increase Safety, Sense of Community 02/17/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II West Virginia Senate Passes Bill to Protect Rescued Horses 02/15/2012
Senator Orphy Klempa Senator Klempa on Domestic Violence Protections 02/08/2012
Senator Ron Stollings Senator Stollings on SB 54 02/08/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II Senator Unger to Introduce Bill Funding Jails and Substance Abuse Treatment 02/04/2012
Senator Richard Browning Browning On Texting Bill 02/03/2012
Senator Roman Prezioso Prezioso Comments on Senate Passage of OPEB 02/01/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II West Virginia Senate Passes Bill Concerning Explicit Content 02/01/2012
Senator Evan Jenkins Digital Learning Day at the Legislature 02/01/2012
Majority Leader John R. Unger II Senate Passes Child Abuse Reporting Bill 01/30/2012
Senator Herb Snyder Bill to Redistribute Transfer Tax Money to Counties Introduced 01/27/2012
Senator Dan Foster Senator Dan Foster advocates passage of The Larry Border Act 01/19/2012
Senator Robert Beach Senator Beach Talks Transportation 01/13/2012
Senator Roman Prezioso Prezioso Talks 2012 Session 01/13/2012
Senator Richard Browning Browning Says Substance Abuse Report on Target 01/10/2012
Senator Robert Plymale Report Gives Urgent Call for West Virginia to Improve Middle Grades 12/07/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Sunday meeting cancelled 11/10/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale Legislature’s Marcellus Committee to Meet Sunday 11/08/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale First Marcellus Shale hearing tonight Clarksburg location announced 07/21/2011
Joint Select Committee on Marcellus Shale First House Public Hearing on Marcellus is Thursday in Wheeling 07/18/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Majority Leader Hosts Ethics and Procedure Forum in Harpers Ferry 06/30/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Nears End of Public Meeting Schedule 06/23/2011
Senator Douglas Facemire Senator Ready to Get to Work on Marcellus Shale Committee 06/22/2011
Senator Browning Senator Browning Pleased With Tourism Study Announcement 06/21/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Upshur County Informational Meeting Location Change 06/16/2011
Senate Redistricting Task Force Senate Redistricting Task Force To Hold Meeting In Fairmont 05/19/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Upshur County Informational Meeting Schedule 05/03/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Pocahontas County Informational Meeting Schedule 04/28/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Raleigh County Informational Meeting Schedule 04/27/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Mercer County Informational Meeting Schedule 04/26/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Marion County Informational Meeting Schedule 04/21/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Mingo and Cabell Informational Meeting Schedules 04/20/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Kanawha, Logan and Wood Informational Meeting Schedules 04/19/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Launches Redistricting Website 04/18/2011
Majority Leader John Unger II Senate Redistricting Task Force Announces Statewide Informational Meeting Dates 04/13/2011
Senator Truman Chafin AEP Press Release 02/15/2011
Senator Foster Public Hearing Held to Discuss Herbert Henderson Office of Minority of Affairs Legislation 02/08/2011
Senator Beach West Virginia Senate Introduces Legislation to Ban Texting While Driving 01/28/2011
Senator Jenkins Bills Promoting Public Safety and Child Protection to be Introduced During Session 01/14/2011
Senator H. Truman Chafin Senate Majority Leader Calls for Honoring the Spirit of Closed Caucus Rules 11/30/2010
Senator Richard Browning Senator Browning Announces Comprehensive Tourism Industry Study 11/24/2010
Senator Roman Prezioso Senator Prezioso appointed to Court Improvement Program Oversight Board 11/17/2010
Senator H. Truman Chafin It's All About The Benjamins - West Virginia's Money Smart Week 10/14/2010
Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs WV Legislative Committee to Meet with Wife of Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair by Teleconference 10/12/2010
Majority Leader H. Truman Chafin Now, more than ever, WE NEED COAL! 07/09/2010
Senator Green LOCEA Requests Additional Funding for New River Community and Technical College 06/03/2010
Michael Oliverio II Senator's Bill to Change West Virginia Energy Portfolio 02/28/2010
Bob Williams Williams, Senate Call for Schools to Follow Taylor County’s Lead 02/24/2010
Michael Oliverio II Senator Oliverio Calls for Funding of the Federal TBI Registry 02/22/2010
Michael Oliverio II Oliverio drafts bill for teacher tax credit 02/20/2010
Ron Stollings Senator Stollings Prioritizes Coal, Link To The Economic Growth of Seventh Senatorial District 01/22/2010
Evan Jenkins Community Open Houses with Senator Evan Jenkins 01/15/2010
Sen. Randy White State Legislators Discuss Disabled Persons Employment Program 01/15/2010
Evan H. Jenkins Handling of Parolees From Other States Living in West Virginia Being Reviewed and Assessed 12/09/2009
   Flying High with the West Virginia National Guard Lawmakers Learn First Hand the Importance the Guard Places in West Virginia 10/23/2009
Senator Roman Prezioso, Joint House-Senate Committee to Help Legislature Prepare for H1N1 09/22/2009
  363rd Military Police Company out of Grafton, and Jane Lew, get to see their families before heading overseas 09/01/2009
Erik Wells Wells Supports New Learning Center for Autistic Children 08/20/2009
Senator Bob Plymale Plymale Secures $25 Million for Engineering at Marshall University 08/07/2009
Senators Foster and Wells A number of West Virginia lawmakers met today at the State Capitol with members of the National Silver Haired Congress 08/06/2009
Roman Prezioso Health Chairmen Disappointed by Vetos 06/05/2009
Bob Williams Newly Elected Senator Wiliams Sworn In and Ready to Serve 14th District 01/29/2009
Minard Senator Joseph A. Minard Appointed as Senate President Pro Tempore 01/27/2009
Senator Yoder Bill to modify private clubs’ closing times 01/21/2008
Shirley Love Senator Love Keeps Constituents Informed 01/10/2008
Senator Billy Wayne Bailey State Senator Calls on Governor to Shorten Work Week For State Employees 11/14/2007
John Unger II Senator Unger introduces bills honoring first responders 01/15/2007
John Pat Fanning The National Coal Heritage Area Authority To Assist in Development of Coalwood Way 01/12/2007
Ron Stollings Newly Elected Sen. Ron D. Stollings Appointed to Vice-Chair of the Health and Human Resources Committee 01/11/2007
Clark S. Barnes Sen. Barnes Appointed as Minority Whip 01/10/2007
John Yoder West Virginia Senator Host U.S. Supreme Court Delegation 04/16/2005
Billy Wayne Bailey Senator Billy Wayne Bailey Proposes Four-Day Workweek to Save on Gas 04/13/2005
Walt Helmick, John Unger and Robert Plymale Senators Pass Bill to Establish Methods for Projecting Increased Enrollment in School Districts 03/23/2005
John Unger Legislation Addressing Links Between Animal and Human Abuse Draws Full Support from State Senate 03/09/2005
John Yoder Yoder/16th District Senator Questions West Virginia’s Sales Tax on Food 03/04/2005
Jon Blair Hunter Three Northern Counties to Receive Courthouse Facility Improvement Funding 03/04/2005
John Unger Senator Unger Introduces Bill to Promote Increased Enrollment in Public Schools 03/03/2005
John Unger Senator Unger Supports Legislation to Enhance Competition for Waste Services in Eastern Panhandle 03/03/2005
John Yoder Senator Yoder Sponors Bill to Establish Fire Safety Standards for Certain Small Businesses 03/02/2005
John Unger Senator Unger Secures Funding for State Police Barracks in Martinsburg 02/22/2005
John Unger Senator Unger Fights to Aid West Virginia Military Members Assigned to Combat Zones Through Insurance Payment Enhancement Bill 02/21/2005
John Yoder Proposed Senate Bill to Look at Connections between Animal Cruelty and Human Abuse 02/18/2005
Clark S. Barnes West Virginia State Police Teaming up with Senator Barnes 02/17/2005
Randy White Press Conference Held About Incarceration Reform 02/16/2005
Jon Blair Hunter and Randy White State Senators Help Launch Statewide 211 Service 02/14/2005
John Yoder Senator Yoder Invites Area Students to Participate in Page Program 02/14/2005
John Unger and John Yoder Jefferson County Delegation Preserves Funding for Racetrack Purses 01/29/2005
Clark S. Barnes Senator Barnes takes stand on Senate’s Workers’ Compensation Bill 01/27/2005

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