Date Requested:February 15, 2013
Time Requested:12:44 PM
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2013R1179` Introduced HB2206
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A New Program

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Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

    The purpose of this bill is to create the "West Virginia Winner" program to promote healthy living and improve lifestyle and increase longevity of West Virginia residents by participating in various athletic and cultural events in the fifty-five counties. The bill sets forth the types of athletic and cultural events that may be included in the program. The bill sets forth competitive and noncompetitive bidding requirements. The bill permits county commissions to determine the types of events to hold. The bill sets forth the types of participants to be included. The bill provides for winners in age groups and establishes districts to be comprised of eleven counties each. The bill sets participant fee schedules for individuals, businesses, schools, and other organizations. The bill provides that the program be administered by the Office of Healthy Lifestyles.
    The Department of Health and Human Resources (Department) is unable to provide a fiscal note on the proposed legislation as several areas of the bill are unclear. These areas of vagueness have been identified in the memorandum section of the fiscal note response.

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Rocco S Fucillo
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    The proposed legislation does not clearly identify the following issues that would assist the Department in compiling a fiscal note response. 1. Are individual participant fees, as well as fees paid by large corporations, small businesses and others collected by the counties and used as part or all of their bid or would these fees be submitted to the Department's Office of Healthy Lifestyles. 2.. The proposed legislation states "Counties that do not win bids to host an event will send in one hundred percent of the participant fee to counties that have those events." Is this referring to the individual participant fee only and would this be retained by the unsuccessful bidders to be forwarded to the successful bidder upon award of the event? Why would counties be charging participation fees prior to winning a bid? 3. The proposed legislation does not indicate if the corporate/small business/etc participation fee is per event as is indicated for the individual participants. 4. How are noncompetitive events funded? 5. How are district events funded?
    Technical flaw: The bid deadline is the same as the bid opening.