Date Requested:August 11, 2009
Time Requested:10:28 AM
Agency: Workforce WV
CBD Number: Version: Bill Number: Resolution Number:
20093X6001 Introduced SB3001
CBD Subject: Unemployment Comp Extended Benefits
UI Trust Fund and Fund 3450
Sources of Revenue
Other Fund Federal Funds
Legislation creates:
Neither Program nor Fund

Fiscal Note Summary

Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

    The Benefit costs for this porgram will be paid for by Federal Funds. This program will pay benefits starting with week ending 07/18/09 and will be phased out by week ending 12/26/09. The administrative costs for this program are teh only costs that will be run through the state budget office (these costs are minimal and will not create a need for a revised expenditure schedule). The benefit payments will be processed through our UI Trust Fund.

Fiscal Note Detail
Over-all effect
Effect of Proposal Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
(Upon Full
1. Estmated Total Cost 17,854,349 0 0
Personal Services 255,849 0 0
Current Expenses 48,611 0 0
Repairs and Alterations 0 0 0
Assets 0 0 0
Other 17,549,889 0 0
2. Estimated Total Revenues 0 0 0
3. Explanation of above estimates (including long-range effect):
    The personal services dollars and current expenses mentioned above will cover 5 and 1/2 positions plus any associated costs. These are considered administrative costs and will be paid for by Federal Funds and processed through State Fund 3450. The other costs are proposed benefit payments and will be processed through the UI Trust Fund. These extended benefits will be phased out by week ending 12/26/09.

Person submitting Fiscal Note:
Caren Jenkins
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